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Horizon provides a cost-effective recruitment and contract supply service that ensures airline clients receive carefully selected and best suited individuals for any required position. Likewise, airline crew wishing to seek further training through Horizon can do so, in order to better their career and enhance their capabilities.

Horizon offer an extensive range of cabin crew training services, pilot license revalidation and renewals, type ratings, and interview preparation for established pilots or cabin Crew wishing to further their airline career.

A full list of services is provided below:

Candidate &
Airlines Services

Pilot and Cabin Crew recruitment
Pilot and Cabin Crew training
Interview and Assessment Preparation


A320, A330 and B737 Pilot Training
License Proficiency Check (LPC)
License Conversions to EASA
Operator Conversion Courses (OCC)
Type Rating Courses (Including A320 Type Ratings)
A320 – A330 Conversion (CCQ)
Command Preparation


Cabin Crew Training: Safety and Emergency Procedures (SEP)
Multi-Crew Co-Operation Courses


It is essential for airline crew to further develop their skills continuously to stay competitive in the industry, which is why Horizon offer such a range of training courses. Horizon ensure that airline crew are thoroughly prepared for training, and provide expert help, advice and support to help maximise potential.

If you wish to find out more about how Horizon can help further develop your airline crew career, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The simulator experience

Horizon Flight Training provides Commercial Flight Simulator Experiences to the general public, under the guidance of a Professional Airline Pilot, in a real Commercial Flight training Centre.

Be an Airline Pilot for a day and experience the thrill of being at the controls, accelerating down the runway and lifting off into the wild blue yonder! Explore the handling techniques of the Boeing or Airbus, and complete the Approach and Landing to an Airfield of your choice. If this appeals to you, or you think it would make an ideal gift, then contact horizon to discuss how we may help.

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