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CLIENTS & Airline Crew

specialist trained pilots and cabin crew


Charter Airlines, by the nature of the airline business, have busy peak times and less busy off-peak periods. Horizon works by allowing its clients access to highly trained contract crew with seasonal flexibility. Using contract crew during peak periods saves costs by supplementing a smaller employed workforce during peak seasons.

Horizon are a specialist provider of trained pilots and cabin crew, with a proven record of recruitment success having built excellent relationships with blue-chip clients. Horizon have contracted A320 Line-Training Captains and A330 Line F/Os and Captains to major UK and European operators, and have helped recruit countless other airline professionals to partner airlines.

Horizon have a dedicated team that will provide highly qualified and experienced flight crew personnel. Whether working with clients’ existing employees by performing annual checks or through additional training and career progression, or finding new employees, Horizon will always deliver.

Airline Crew

Horizon offers individual pilots or cabin crew looking to enhance their already established career a wide range of training courses. Those looking to further their career with Horizon courses will be receiving top-quality training from highly experienced instructors and examiners with a proven track record, using state of the art commercial flight simulators.

Horizon also offer individuals interview and assessment preparation with highly experienced instructors and examiners, so that they are always as prepared as possible throughout the entire recruitment process.

If you are a pilot or cabin crew member interested in one of the courses offered by Horizon, or you would like to put yourself forward as a airline personnel candidate, please fill out this form below and upload your CV. A member of the team will be in contact as soon as possible to discuss the next steps.

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